Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I am a bad blogger!

So, I have been a little self absorbed lately. You know how things just kind of all happen at once in life? That's where I am right now. And just when you think everything is up right, you whole life flips over again!

Long story short... the bf and I had kind of split up and the kids and I moved back to my townhouse (in which the bathroom is still not done). Then of course, because I am so fabulous, J decided he cannot live without me and we have decided to get married! The ring is coming, (I gave him a Christmas deadline), we set a date (August 8th) and have started the planning!

So, the reason for me being a bad blogger is that I have been planning my wedding which is less than 9 months away!!!! So far I have ordered my dress (soooo pretty), and we decided on a venue. Then... with all the wedding stuff that was clogging my brain, I suddenly remembered that Christmas is in like 5 weeks! And I hadn't started my shopping! Crap.... Maybe I can tell the kids that Santa took this year off? Ok, maybe not. So, yes, bad blogger and a bad mommy! I need an assistant.