Monday, May 3, 2010

Books, books and more books

I love reading. I love books.  I love cracking open a new book.  But I hate paying $10 for something I am going to read once.  Why would I read it again when there are MILLIONS of books out there that I haven't read? 

So I am super happy it is garage sale season again!  I picked up an old Nora Roberts novel (that actually contained 3 novels) for a whole $0.50 the other day.  Incredible!  Some of the second hand stores have a really good selection too, then I just donate it all back for the next frugal book worm!

I also love checking out my local library, but I am terrified of forgetting my due date or not having enough time to finish a book and I always take out more than I can read in a three week period.

The other place I love to get books is costco.  My son has been begging me for this book out of a series he is reading.  They wanted $17.99 for it at chapters!  And of course it is new so no luck finding it at the second hand stores and there is a waiting list for the 1 copy the library ordered.  I found it at costco for half the price! 

Happy Reading!