Saturday, January 2, 2010


2010 is here!!! It sure seems like it was just yesterday when we were all panicking about Y2K. The last 10 years has certainly flown by!

I made a couple of resolutions:
  1. Lose 30-40 lbs by this time next year. That works out to be only 3-4 lbs a month. Very do-able!
  2. Be a better housekeeper.
  3. Get a job I love that will take me through until we are ready to start trying to conceive #3. (about 2-3 years away)
  4. Be more patient with my kids.
  5. Save enough money to finally go on my honeymoon.
  6. Either sell or get a long term renter for my townhouse.

We started working on number 2 already. Today my kids were told to clean their rooms. They told me when they were "done" and I had to go up to inspect. All they had done was clean a bare spot on the floor. So I spent most of my day helping the kids sort and purge in their rooms and it is amazing how nice my daughter's room looks! My son's still has about an hour's worth of work left in it tomorrow. I need to get the house to a manageable level of cleanliness so that it isn't such a big chore to clean it! It is amazing how much 4 people can accumulate in six months! That's about the last time I did a good deep purge, cleaning out cupboards and reorganizing. I had to make room for wedding stuff!

I think the Christmas stuff will hang out for a few more days then it will all get packed away too so that I can rearrange the living room again and hang up my new pictures!

What are your resolutions? Do you ever manage to keep to them? I don't really, and they tend to be the same every year, but for at least 4 weeks I do really well!!!

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Shane said...

Knowing your daughter, Leslie, I doubt that room with stay clean for long. And she'll try and shrug out of the work with that adorable smile.

I sometimes keep my resolutions, I've had one that I've kept for 4 years now: "Never making another resolution, ever." It seems to be working out pretty good for me.

You should really come down to Cranbrook for a visit, if anything your kids would love the part of the drive where you drive through part of a mountain (if you take the Crowsnest Pass). Not a whole lot to do if you don't ski or snowboard, but it's a gorgeous area, and the coldest it's gotten in the 5 days that I've been here was -10.