Thursday, January 28, 2010


For a limited time only the Body Shop is bringing back some retro scents!!! Whooop!

Ok, I must warn you... When they say a little goes a long way, they mean it! 

I showered with the body wash.  Then I lotioned up with the lotion.  And now I cannot even stand the smell of myself and I am pretty sure when I go to bed that my husband is going to kick me out.  He has a very sensitive sniffer.

I still love the scent, but HOLY OVERLOAD batman!  Layering scents = bad idea.

But really, why do companies discontinue products then bring them back 15 years later and call them "retro".  I very clearly remember being in junior high, probably later junior high because I was old enough to go shopping at the mall by myself, and being absolutely devastated that they discontinued my favorite scent!

So I stocked up. And now that I know how much to use, it should last me until next time they bring it back!


Shane said...

It's so people will try new products, and just after everyone has found their new scent and have bought a fair amount, they'll bring back their old favourites so they'll buy a fair amount of that stuff too.

Nik said...

Unfortunately the Dewberry scent is not near as popular in the US which is why it was discontinued. Head Office said that it wasn't popular enough in Canada to keep it just here. I swear this was the biggest complaint we had at the shop.