Tuesday, August 16, 2011

School starts in 2 weeks?

How did that happen?

We have added some more fun to our summer!  We hit the beach, I updated some old worn end tables with some paint, we visited family and we have been going to playgrounds and doing crafts!  I can't believe summer is almost over already!  My first summer off in 10 years and I feel like it flew by so quickly.  It's really too bad the weather wasn't more cooperative.  We really didn't get very many hot days.  I am not sure it hit 30 even once.  No week long heat wave where you are ready to kill each other because it's hard to sleep (which I suppose isn't such a bad thing).

My 2nd wedding anniversary came and went.  We aren't big on celebrating, we tell each other we love each other at least once a day and do small things to show appreciation very often (like him bringing me coffee in the morning)  I bought him a $50 gift card for his favorite coffee shop and he bought me this charm for my charm bracelet.

It says Eternal Love around the band.  Actually for my husband, it's unusually romantic.  :)

I have decided that I need to get more adventurous in my cooking.  Over summer it has become BBQ Chicken, BBQ pork chops, hot dogs, hamburgers, grilled cheese (on cold evenings) etc.  Same old, same old.  I am kind of excited that fall brings stews, chilis, roasts, and casseroles!   Bring on the comfort food!  What's your favorite comfort food recipe?  I feel like I have spent my life looking for the perfect mac and cheese recipe!

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