Thursday, March 8, 2012

Things I have made off of Pinterest

I have heard people call pinterest "online hoarding" or "another time sucker".  Those terms might be true.  I'm not gonna lie!  But I also find it full of useful information.  Here are some of the items off of Pinterest that our family has tried:

The first recipe I tried was Double Crunch Honey Garlic Pork Chops

I don't have a picture of how mine turned out.  But let me tell you that I will NEVER buy premade honey garlic sauce ever again.  I was licking this sauce out of the pot and it is lucky that it actually made it onto the chops.
The next thing I tried was Nutella Hot Chocolate

OMG.  I drank half of the kids and had to make more.  1 cup milk. 2 spoons nutella. Saucepan. Heat medium. Blend. Whisk frothy.  Could it get any easier?

For Christmas, we decided to make our Teacher gifts this year!  Here is the Pinterest "Sample":

And my army of snowmen.  We added $10 Tim Horton's gift cards to them for their teachers. 

For the kid's Christmas parties I made gingerbread men.  I decided to change it up this year "a la pinterest".  Here is the inspiration:

And here are my masterpieces:

For Valentine's Day, the kids decided to make homemade Valentine's for their friends.

Pinterest "sample":

Emma's real Valentine:

Pinterest "Sample":

Terry's real Valentine:

Honestly, for both kids it cost me $5 for a package of cardstock, we already had ink in the printer, and some time working in a photo editing program!  Emma's didn't scan very well but we were able to use the photo editing program to enhance the color to make it look really cool and she was very happy with the results!  The kids then wrote To and From on the backs and decorated them with heart shaped stickers!  Score!  We also have 3/4 of a package of cardstock left for other projects!

There are many other things on Pinterest that I have managed to use.  I have printed activities for the kids, I have organized my pantry, I have stopped losing all my bobby pins, and I have tried some new hairstyles.

But mostly, I have fun!

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