Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My First Post

Whew! My first post! No one will likely read this anyhow...

I have been reading blogs for a long time now and always loved reading about how other parents dealt with kids, what antics occurred that day, how they get through tough situations etc. When I was a kid I wrote in my diary obsessively! Lately things have been occurring in my life that have made me wish I still had that outlet, only I hate writing. But I can type! So... along came the idea that I needed a blog. An outlet for my frustrations. A place for me to connect with the rest of the world. A journal for me to read back to my children when I am explaining all the grey hairs and wrinkles they caused. And maybe even a way to meet new friends.

My children are 6 & 7. We will call them "E" and "T" or if I am talking about both of them ET! They are really well behaved children that sometimes do things without thinking. Yesterday for instance, I came home to find a note in my daughter's (E) agenda book that told me all about the food fight she got in during lunch yesterday and how she was eating in the vice principals office for the rest of the week. Sigh... It couldn't have been her idea, she isn't that creative! But she is great at following and, like me, will do anything for a laugh. Oh wait, she is creative afterall! Her teacher told her I had to sign her book so that she knew I saw the note and knew about the incident. E decided that if she wrote "Leslie" in her book that her teacher would think I signed it. There, in a 6 year old's writing, was clearly "Leslie" at the bottom of the note. It's hard not to laugh at her pitiful try. She isn't getting treats in her lunch this week. Only fruit and sandwiches! What would you have done?


crossxwired said...

I love E and T so much! They're like my honourary niece and nephew. (Though I think A and C might get a little jealous).


That's where it's at. If you do make a journal there, my username is crossxwired.

Love ya cuz!


(And none of this word verification crap either!)

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