Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday Mayhem

So, you know how some days you start out your day with a list of things you are planning on accomplishing and within 5 minutes of getting started you realize that your day is about to be one of those crazy ones where you might as well throw all your plans out the window? That was today for me. I don't think I actually crossed a single thing off my to do list today! But you know what they say about the best laid plans! There is always tomorrow... LOL. Luckily I changed my receptionist from P/T to F/T starting on Oct. 1st so I do believe that will help somewhat!

One of my friends has been scuba diving off of Vancouver island and posting amazing underwater pics on Facebook for us all to see, and I have to tell you... after a day like today, I could sure use a vacation like that! I haven't really taken time for myself since May, and even then it was only 2 days. Talk about jealous!

Speaking of the best laid plans... I didn't get the bathroom renovated this weekend as planned. The $%&*#% bath tub didn't line up with the $%&*#% drain. So, next weekend we start all over. It delays my move a bit, but to be honest, I don't want to move anyhow so I am really not that devastated by the whole catastrophy.

Speaking of catastrophies... have I mentioned my darling 6 year old daughter yet? LOL. Today the drama queen played sick and spent the morning in the nurses office at school. The school called me by lunch time and let me know that although she hadn't thrown up yet, she keeps threatening to. J to the rescue, again. He took the afternoon off and went to pick up "sick" E from the nurses office. She got home and wanted potato chips. Then she wanted to go outside and play with her friends that don't go to school yet. J said no and that if she was sick she had to stay in. She wanted a second opinion so J let her call me at work. I was having my day from you know where so I wouldn't even let her whine or try to convince me. I told her flat out that if she was too sick to go to school she was too sick to play outside. Yep, I had that moment. That one where you open your mouth and hear your mother speak from inside your head. I think I was channelling my own mother. What have I become?! Oh, well, I turned out all right, right? (**disclaimer: I love you Mommy!**)

On a side note: Has anyone ever bought one of those microwavable roasts before? I made one for dinner tonight (please read the part above about the day I had before you judge me!) and I read the back when I bought it and the nutritional information per serving had a serving size as 1/6th of the package. That to me would mean it should serve six. So surely it should serve us 4 considering the kids hardly eat that much meat at all. Lets just say that J supplemented his meal with cheese because he hadn't had enough protein. Ooops. LOL. I think it would serve 2 all right, but no way its more than that!

Is it the weekend yet? This is going to be a looooong week, I can tell!

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