Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Random Snip its

First Up:

From time to time I watch the show "18 kids and counting". I do enjoy it. While I don't agree with some of their principles, I do think they are funny and are a great example of a family. They are far from perfect parents, but their kids are moral and have great senses of humor. On tonight's show they made the most fun looking water slide ever! Then, an announcement. Turns out baby Jordan has been fussing while nursing and Mommy Duggar is having troubles losing her baby weight, so she put two and two together and thought maybe Jordan was fussing because her milk changed and maybe her milk changed because she was preggo!!! AGAIN! So she peed on a stick and sure enough... PREGNANT! So now it is 19 kids and counting! When on earth do they have time to have sex?


I got my wisdom teeth out on Friday and I am soooo sick of pasta, since it is soft enough to eat. Does anyone have any good recipes for me?


My daughter and I had the following conversation tonight:

E: Mommy, What is a whore?
Me: What?!??!! Where did you hear that word?
E: A whore, like it took 3 whores to get there
Me: oooohhhh you mean hours!!! (phew!)

Don't you love when I little one is learning how to read? LOL.

Fourth random thing:

I got in trouble for spending too much last month. Ooops. And I thought I was being so good too! I really have to start watching my money now that I am accountable to someone else. Send coupons and good deals this way please!!!

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