Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September Already?

Where does the time go?

What a great day... the kids were on time (kind of) for school today. Yesterday was the first day and my Darling Husband hit the off button instead of snooze on the alarm and I woke up with 20 minutes to get out the door and drive to the daycare. I sure looked like crap yesterday! lol.

My lovely siblings and I are going to get pictures done tonight for my parents 25th wedding anniversary. My mom keeps mentioning how the last pictures done of us 4 siblings was about 15 years ago, so we are going to get a photographer to come and take pictures of us having a good time at a playground like little kids. BUT the other 3 decided it would be fun to have us all wear jeans and white t-shirts. I hardly have anything in my wardrobe that is white. I tried them all on last night. Hubby finally looked at me and told me to go shopping today at lunch for a white shirt. So I bought 4 shirts and have 2 pairs on pants on hold because they will be 20% off on Thursday. LOL. Our conversation after lunch went something like this:

Me: So, would you be mad if I bought four shirts instead of 1?
Him: Not if you get rid of 10 from your closet
Me: But I need more clothes
Him: But you don't wear the ones you have
Me. But I couldn't decide between a t-shirt and a blouse, and I need a blouse anyhow so I bought both, then the t-shirt was a buy one get one, so I had to get another one in another color.
Him: Had to huh?
Me: and then the 4th one they didn't have in my size in white, so I had to buy it in pink, but I really loved it so I had to buy it. It was only $14.99!!!
Him: You have too many clothes. you need to either give some away or pack some up.
Me: Ok I will pack some of the stuff that will fit me when I lose 10 lbs. K?
Him: Alright.
Me (in my head): Thank god he doesn't know about the bin under Emma's bed with all my winter clothes in it!!! Can you imagine if all that was in the closet too!?!??!!

And I got an email from my photographer today:

Hey Leslie,
So I've waited and waited...not more than you I'm sure, and they are FINALLY HERE!!! BUT, they didn't deliver to my house today, they put a little Delivery Notice, pick up tomorrow after 1:00 in my mail box!!! SERIOUSLY??? I wanted to surprise you and bring everything up to you tonight when you got your family pictures done! I'm so upset, I'm so sorry! I will pick up the albums tomorrow and courier them to you overnight because I can't believe that they did that!
I apologize for this ridiculously long wait and hope that you'll be able to hang in 1 more day!

Wooooohooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait to see my pictures!!!!!!!

And my boss has been in such a good mood this week! I sure hope that continues!

And my ex texted me to say he was on his way to maintenance to drop off a cheque for me!

I sure hope this trend continues! I like it when my world is all smiles!!!

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