Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Unfortunately my week has not gone as planned. I spent the last few days in bed with a crohn's attack. Hopefully I will feel well enough to carve pumpkins and decorate a bit today!!!

The kids were a little disappointed. A note came home from the school asking that kids not be in their costumes until last recess. So how are parents supposed to help them? I tried best I could, but I sent my son with some face make up so who knows what he will come home looking like!!!

This year my kids had to follow a budget for halloween.

We have a huge trunk full of dress up clothes, so I told my kids they could be whatever they wanted out of the trunk and then they could spend $3 at the dollar store to make their costume better. My daughter is a witch and my son is a zombie!

What do you do around your house to save money during the spendy holidays?

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