Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday

Works for Me Wednesday is getting personal this week and I thought I would join in with my top 10 ways to please my husband. (It's not as dirty as it sounds!)

  1. Give him a back and neck rub while he is sitting at the computer.
  2. Keep the freezer well stocked with pizza pops for those midnight snack attacks.
  3. Keep the laundry caught up.
  4. Keep the front entrance free of clutter such as shoes, coats, backpacks and other kid gear.
  5. Keep a jug of his favorite juice in the freezer at all times (otherwise he will drink my pop!)
  6. Make him 3 egg sandwiches every Saturday Morning.
  7. Shovel the driveway for him (he has a bad back)
  8. Keep the kids quiet when he is working or goes to bed early.
  9. Have dinner prepared quickly when I get home from work (it helps to prep the night before and menu plan!)
  10. Keep my credit card spending on the lower side. (I am trying REALLY hard)

And just for the heck of it... here is 10 ways he pleases me!

  1. Gets up with the kids on Saturday and Sundays and lets me sleep in (until one or all three of them get hungry)
  2. Randomly does things to my car like take it in for a new windshield or fills it with gas or takes it to the car wash.
  3. Reminds me to do important things when I have too much on the go.
  4. Keeps me grounded and spend conscious.
  5. Thinks I am beautiful even on days I don't quite see it staring back at me in the mirror.
  6. Always sides with me when I whine about someone else (family, coworkers etc.)
  7. Spoils me with expensive appliances and electronics.
  8. Makes me laugh every day.
  9. Does his own laundry.
  10. Gets movies for me that he thinks I will like even though he has zero interest in seeing them!

And those work for me!!!

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Jenny said...

hehe this is an awesome list. :D

That Girl said...

your blog is adorable!