Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wow, has it really been 4 months?

I guess I am not very good at this blog thing.  LOL.

Let's see, a quick review of the last couple of months:

  • continued recovering from surgery
  • mother's day BBQ at my mom's
  • Had a really good friend come up for a week and stay with us.  Hosted a BBQ with some other friends while she was here!
  • Took a trip to Vegas for my husband's job.  Ate well, slept well.  It was too hot.  LOL.  Gambled too much money!  But that's ok since it was mostly a free trip.
  • Celebrated my birthday!  My husband bought me a margaritaville mixer and strawberry daquiri and pina colada mix.  YUM! 
  • Celebrated my son's birthday on Father's day, BBQ at my parent's house.
  • My son chose to go on a family trip instead of having a party, so the following weekend we went on a day trip to another city to go to the zoo, then took the long way back through the mountains.  It was a long day!  We left at 6:30 am and returned at 1:30 am that night!
  • Started my new job!
  • Fairly quiet month.  My husband took some time off and finished our deck, we have a railing now!  And privacy lattice wrapped around one end so that the nosy neighbors can't watch us enjoy our deck!
  • Spent a weekend at my parent's lake lot.  Did some swimming, relaxed, played some badminton, roasted marshmallows, and had fun!
  • Celebrated my daughter's birthday with dinner out.
  • Happy Anniversary!  We celebrated our 1 year anniversary by taking the kids to the mountains.  We went for a hike up a mountain and found a gorgeous lake.  It was a very nice vacation.  We only took a long weekend for it, but it was perfect!
  • Refinished a dresser for my daughter and rearranged the kid's bedrooms.
  • Went on a day trip with my mom and sister to get lost in a corn maze! 
  • Back to school preparations!!!  School started on August 30th.

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