Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday - Organizing for quicker lunch making

There is a blog I follow called Rocks in my dryer that hosts a blog carnival called Works for Me Wednesdays. Bloggers post links to their own blog and tell about tips that work for them! Today's is a themed WFMW about kitchen organization. One of the things that I find tedious in the kitchen is making the kid's lunches every night. I am a working single mom, so unfortunately my kids get a lot of pre-packaged foods in their lunches like granola bars, apple sauce, pudding, fruit snacks, etc. One of the things I noticed was that my pantry was filling up with all these boxes of lunch snacks that only contained 6-10 items in them! So, my solution was that I bought a rubbermaid bin that fits on one of the shelves, and when I get home from grocery shopping I empty all the boxes into the bin. Then when I am making lunches, I just grab the bin and put it on the counter and grab what I need out of it. It sure cuts down on the time I spend searching for that box of granola bars that I thought I bought last week! Now everything is in one place. This is one organizational solution that WORKS FOR ME!

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