Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer Boredom

My kids have exactly 13 days left of school (2.5 weeks).  We are currently coming up with a list of things we can do over the summer to keep from being bored.  I have told them that the words "I am bored" will result in a chore!  (That will get them outside quick!)  On the list are various indoor and outdoor activities as well as reasonably priced places we can go (picnics, spray parks, etc) for field trips.

This is my first summer off since in a billion years and I have never had school age kids off for the summer either, they have always been in daycare before now.  Any ideas you can offer would be great!!!

We also have two weddings to attend this summer and I have the kids booked in swimming lessons, so it`s already booking up fast! 

I am also looking for suggestions for quick, delicious summer meals!

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