Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer Planning

The kids have exactly 4.5 days left of school.  At this point I don't even know why I bother sending them.  Their supplies have already started making their way home and they basically are using up art supplies and watching movies all day while their teachers work on report cards.  I am incredibly proud of my son though, he is getting an achievement award tomorrow for being a genius!  No, really! 

Anyhow, to get ready for our first ever summer at home, I have been planning like mad.  The last thing I want is for September to be looming and realize we spent our summer sitting at home watching movies.  So, I made up a calendar and put clipart on the days we know we have stuff happening (weddings, swimming lessons, etc) then I made a sheet of just clip art that I am going to print on a sticker page so we can cut them out and stick them to the calendar as we plan things (usually a few days ahead).  We also made a big list of places we can go, things we can do at home on rainy days, and things we can do at home on hot days.  My plan is to do one "field trip" per week that gets us out somewhere super fun (like the zoo) and one day a week that is free but out (like a picnic in a park across the city) and then the other 3 days a week we will either be at home hanging out or at my mom's visiting.  I didn't plan anything for weekends because we already have filled a lot of them up with weddings and other events, plus my husband will be home on weekends so he will want to be working on projects (like skirting the deck, replacing our poor dead tree in the front yard, etc.)

I am so excited about this summer!  My kids have always been in daycare all summer before because I have always worked, so this is going to be so much fun!!!

What are your favorite summer activities? 

I am also starting to think of fun lunches for the summer so we aren't eating Kraft Dinner all summer long, so any kid-friendly recipes you have would be great!  I know we will make soft pretzels at least a couple of times, grilled cheese, hot dogs, chicken wraps and lots of sandwiches!  They need to be quick and easy with minimal cooking so that I still feel like making dinner after the hubby gets home ;-)

Well, the baby is fussing.  I guess that is the end of this post.  Duty calls!

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