Wednesday, February 17, 2010

WFMW - Having a Library Card

This week's tip has saved my marriage.  Ok, maybe we weren't quite at THAT point!  My husband hates it that I have an addiction to cookbooks.  He once made me give 20 cookbooks to goodwill and you could not see a difference.  He had to build me shelves in my pantry for all my cookbooks because they were taking over!!!  I love cookbooks.  I get a new one and read them front to back and mark the recipes I might like to try.  I also have a lot of cookbooks that I have never ever used though.  I will read them, put them on my shelf, and never look at them again.  It drives my husband nuts.

The solution?  A library card!!!  Now I go to my local library, which has a HUGE cookbook section with literally every subject you could imagine, and I take out whatever my heart desires.  Then if a recipe catches my eye I will write it down and I keep the collection of recipes I have written down in a 3 ring binder.  I also print recipes from the internet and keep it in the binder. 

My kids come with me to the library and they love to take out books on every subject imaginable.  We spend far too much time there somedays!  They have learned magic tricks, string games, how to take care of animals I will never let them have for pets, and everything else under the sun!

Check out your local library, most places have a year's membership for very little money and if you are an avid reader like me it might save you quite a bit of money in books!

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Emma said...

I am banned from the library in Calgary... Learn from my $100 mistake and please only ever take out one book at a time!

Leslie said...

Ahahah! Oh Emma! Good thing you live in TO now and that the libraries don't talk to each other!

Emma said...

Library cards are like credit cards to me... I have gotten myself into "debt" in Toronto now too!