Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I was raised in the TV generation.  I love TV!  And unfortunately I have no preference in programming either.  I like it all!  Game Shows, Reality TV, Drama's, Talk Shows, Comedy, etc.

Before my PVR TV ruled my life.  I would have to be home to watch certain shows, I would have to decide what to watch at a certain time if two shows were on at the same time, I couldn't watch a movie with my boyfriend, family, husband (whatever the case my be at whatever time in my life). Etc.  My PVR has changed all that.  Now I can set reminders for shows I want to watch and it will pop up for me while I am doing other things (I hate missing the first 10 minutes of something because I was doing laundry or dishes and wasn't watching the clock). Now I can record one show and watch another.  Now I can quickly set the timer to record a show with one button!  (Find show on guide, click record.  Done.)  Remember how painful it used to be to set a VCR?

I know it sounds really silly.  But I only just recently realized how much my PVR can actually do for me.  Before I just used it for the guide and that was about it.  Gone are the days of running out of tape and missing the last 10 minutes of a movie. 

Do you have any technology in your life that has made your life easier?

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