Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The fool that I am

My friend is raising money for the entry fee for a fashion show she has been invited to show her line at. It's a huge deal and I am so proud of her. The exposure is priceless! So, being the BFF that I am, I volunteered to host a make up lesson party where people pay her (she is a professional) to show them how to apply make up and go from day to night. Great idea! Right? Yes, for her! I just had this panic attack as I realized this is only about 3 weeks away, I am just moving back to my townhouse this weekend, the bathroom is not yet done, and now I have to host a party? Eeek! I hope my guests are blind! I better sign up for fly lady!

Oh, and I realized, while reading another blog today, that Christmas is only 10 weeks away!!!!! Where did this year go? What the heck? Who do I call to postpone Christmas by about.... 6 months?

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Rebeckah said...

I know just what you are saying...where the heck does the time go?