Wednesday, October 8, 2008

WFMW Doesn't WFM!

Ok, so I get excited about Wednesday's because that's when it is Works For Me Wednesday at I get tips on child care, cooking, cleaning, and everything else! Reading this blog and following the links to other blogs is actually what inspired me to start my own blog. So! Every Wednesday I decided I would join and post my own links there. Only I suck at it. Last week I didn't post my link properly, so it got deleted. This week, I didn't write my post quickly enough so I didn't get to join again! Argh!!! Why can't she cut it off at 10:00 CST instead of 7:00? Then I could write my blog and post it in time! Or... I could start writing it on Tuesday's so I can post on Wednesday... hrmmmm... interesting. I need to find a way for WFMW to WFM!!! sigh...

For posts from people who have their lives together and remember to post on time, please visit

OH! The bathtub installation worked!!!! Wooohooo! Drywall is going up on Friday night, furniture is getting moved on Saturday, and the rest will be done between now and next weekend! I see the light!!! I can't wait to move into my pretty new (Ok, reallly old but renovated) townhouse! It's mine! All mine! Mwahahahahahhaahah!

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Leanne said...

Oh sweethearrt you should read some of mine.

If they sound like they've been scrambled together in the space of 15 minutes, that's probably because they have.

Tuesday's probably the way to go. No if I could just remember on Tuesday that I've something to get done for Wednesday.