Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I forgot my funny story!

My children have apparently decided I am already an old spinster. (At 27? hardly!) My son (for whatever reason) decided that he was going to share the following information with me on the way to daycare this morning. "Mom, I am going to live with you until I am 23" I honestly don't remember his reasonings as, once again, his sister stole the show. "Yah, well I am going to live with you forever!" I asked her "don't you want to get married one day and live on your own?" She says, "Yes, but we will live with you still. I don't want you to be all alone, so I will live with you forever." Awwwww... what a sweetie... but seriously!!! Is it really so bad that even my kids think I will be alone forever?!?! All I said was "Hopefully by the time you are old enough to get married I will have found a husband and you won't have to worry about me, ok?"

I am not an old spinster! I just wanted to clarify that. In case, you know, it was starting to show. LOL

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Shane said...

Well, if things don't start looking up for me we can be old spinsters together.