Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Bucket List

1. See a Ballet
2. Go to New York and see a broadway production
3. Have a picnic in Central Park
4. Go canoeing/rafting in a river that runs through the mountains
5. Visit the Mayan temple ruins
6. See a real castle
7. Go on a safari
8. Ride the biggest roller coaster in the world
9. Go to a Thanksgiving parade in New York
10. Find my soul mate and get married
11. Vacation in Hawaii
12. Go on a cruise in the Mediterranean
13. Visit the Egyptian ruins
14. Ride the London Eye
15. Write a book and get it published
16. Sleep in a teepee
17. Get a tattoo
18. Drive a Shelby Mustang (oh Eleanor!)
19. Visit the Louvre
20. Kiss the love of my life a top the Eiffel tower
21. Visit the Toronto Zoo
22. Learn how to swim and go scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reefs
23. Learn how to play the piano (properly)
24. Visit Quebec during the winter carnival
25. Go to PEI and tour Green Gables
26. Skate on the St. Lawrence Sea way
27. Ride a sail boat on the ocean
28. Spend a night (or a week) on a massive yacht
29. Go on a horseback ride in the mountains
30. Learn more about astrology and spend more time stargazing and pointing out the constellations to my kids
31. Take a helicopter ride over something amazing
32. Take a wine tour
33. Stay in a theme room
34. See Stone Henge
35. Walk along the Great Wall of China
36. Visit Easter Island (Is that where the Easter bunny is from?)
37. Learn a Martial Art
38. Have my portrait painted
39. Go skinny dipping in a lake with a water fall
40. Take a train ride across the mountains
41. Take an ice explorer bus over the Colombian Ice Fields
42. Learn to ballroom dance
43. Learn to belly dance
44. Buy something ridiculously expensive just because I can. (Like Manola Blahnik shoes)
45. Set foot in each of the seven continents
46. Attend high tea at a posh hotel.
47. Go whale watching
48. Swim with dolpins or seals in the ocean
49. Sleep outdoors under the stars with no tent
50. Go shopping in an evening gown
51. Build a giant sand castle on a big beach
52. Get my fortune told by a real gypsy
53. Make love on a beach
54. Watch the sun set over the ocean while on a boat in the middle of nowhere
55. Mud wrestle
56. Take an evening class to learn a new skill, like pottery, or cooking, or something like that
57. Find a job I love
58. Swim in the dead sea
59. Ride in a gondola in Venice
60. Go to a viewing of the Rocky Horror Picture show where they actually throw rice
61. Get a cooking lesson from a celebrity chef (like Gordon Ramsey!)
62. Visit Legoland
63. Join the mile high club
64. Go to a Drive in Movie
65. Spend a night in a tree house
66. Buy a round of drinks for everyone in a pub
67. Read a novel like Moby Dick or the Odyssey
68. Shop on Rodeo drive
69. Make love on a bed of rose petals
70. Have a proper spa mud bath.
71. Have my handwriting analyzed
72. Own a rather large diamond
73. Have a caricature done
74. Be proposed to in the most romantic possible way. And say yes of course.
75. Visit a wax museum
76. Climb a mountain, from the bottom to the top. No trams.
77. Put my hand in the mouth of truth
78. Ride a tandem bike
79. Fly first class
80. Go to the opera all dressed up
81. Bathe in hot springs
82. Get a hot stone massage
83. Float down the Grand Canyon
84. See Machu Picchu (Incan Ruins)
85. Ride a camel into the desert
86. Tell my kids I love them everyday
87. Make a random strangers day. Maybe by buying coffee for the person behind me in a drive through line up. And do this often.
88. Go to France and learn how to cook French food
89. Go to Ireland to see Sheep with dots painted on them.
90. Drink in a real Irish Pub
91. See Big Ben
92. Visit Pompeii
93. Read all the Harry Potter books (I am behind the times on this one!)
94. Vacation in Bora Bora
95. Have lunch with someone that has made a difference in the world
96. See tulips and windmills in Holland
97. Join an archeological dig
98. Have something named after me.
99. Live my life for me and no longer compromise who I am.
100. Kill my friend Kari for daring me to get to 100

What's on your bucket list?

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