Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tuesday Ramblings

I finally have a comical story about my son, T. I arrived to pick the kids up at daycare last night and E was quick to tell me she had already done her homework so that she could ride her bike while I made dinner. I asked T if he had done his as well. He said no, but he didn't have homework because he forgot to exchange his home reading book. I looked at him and said that J was probably going to make him read something else and write in his journal and that he needs to remember to exchange his book. We get home and as we are walking into the house J was coming out, T looked at J and told him he had done his homework at daycare! I called him on his lie and he got sent to his room. But, if I hadn't been there, it was kind of ingenious. Should I admit that? My kids are creative if anything else!

I am going to the townhouse to install the bathtub tonight. It better freaking work this time! LOL. I am planning to move the furniture on Saturday, then all that will be left is clothes and "stuff". Moving day is coming! And so is thanksgiving! mmmm turkey.... I can't wait until Sunday.

I am trying to decide what to write about for tomorrow's works for me wednesday.....

Oh, so... speaking of daycares, the owner of the kids daycare was a total cow to me yesterday! I couldn't believe it! I understand fees are due on the 1st, so on October 1st I went into the daycare and asked how much I owed, because they were supposed to pro-rate my fees for a half month. The one daycare lady said she would talk to the owner and have her put a note on the kids locker for me the next day. So Thursday I go to pick them up and the note has the full fees on it. So on Friday I went in to talk to the owner/director lady and she said she would re-calculate them because she forgot to pro-rate them. Monday comes along and she calls me at work and informs me I owe $480 (which is fine) but that since I waited so long to pay that I can no longer pay by cheque, I have to pay by cash and I have to bring it to her that night when I pick up the kids. I explained I work in the boonies with no bank machine around me, and would try my hardest to have time to detour to a bank machine on the way home from work. She tells me that I need to guarantee I will. So, I gave in and was like "alright, fine, whatever you want" and she goes, "well is that going to be ok?" and I said "I guess it's going to have to be, isn't it?" GRRRRR.... I was ready to pay on the 1st and this is the flack I get because she hadn't done the calculations yet? Anyway, that was my vent about stupid people for the day. :0)

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Shane said...

You just need to become a ninja flip out, kill everyone, and then kindly explain that she needn't be rude and abrasive towards you as she was erroneous in this situation and not you.